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Fall Event Pricing

As always, veterans are free during the month of September. Bring your military ID.  To schedule your group, please call 570-437-3442.

Our 2017 Corn Maze is Open Sept. 1 thru Nov. 5. Friday 3 – 9, Saturday 11 till 9, Sunday noon till 8.

Corn Maze Pricing

Single Corn Maze Ticket
Adults 13 & Older$10.
Children 5 - 12$6.00
Under 4 Years OldFREE
Seniors 65 & Older$6.00

Hay Ride Prices
Children 5 To 12$2.00
Children Under 5FREE
Seniors 65 & Up$3.00

Hayride & Corn Maze Combo
Adults 13 and Up$12.00
Children 5 to 12$7.50
Children 4 & UnderFREE
Seniors 65 & Up$8.00

Corn Cannon Pricing
Per Shot.50¢
12 Shots$5.00
100 Shots$39.00

Pumpkin Chunkin
Per Shot.75¢
8 Shots$5.00
100 Shots$57.00

Family 4 Packs

Each pack will include 4 maze wrist bands, 4 hayride tickets, 24 corn cannon tickets & 16 pumpkin chunkin tickets.

Family Pack #1
2 Adult (13 & up) plus 2 Child (5 – 12)$54.00
Family Pack #2
3 Adult (13 & up) plus 1 Child (5 – 12)$59.00
Family Pack #3
4 Adult (13 & up) $62.00

Any additional combo passes will be at the regular price.

New for 2017 – Season passes

Our season passes will include unlimited entrance to the maze and 2 hayrides. Please note, for the season pass, we will take individual pictures for everyone purchasing them.


Season Pass Single Ticket Prices
Adults 13 & Up$22.00
Children 5 To 12$14.00
Seniors 65 & Up$15.00

Group rates 

(group rates will be offered to groups of 20 or more, all members must be paid for prior to receiving wrist bands and payment must be made for the entire group at one time). 
All groups will be required to pay a $25.00 deposit. The deposit will be returned as long as nobody in the group is removed from activities for any reason. Deposit refunds must be claimed on day of receipt only.
Please have a total count before coming to the register.


Corn Maze Group Prices 
Adults 13 and Up$8.00 each
Children 5 to 12$4.80 each
Children 4 & UnderFREE
Seniors 65 & Up$4.80 each

Corn Maze & Hayride Combo Group Prices 
Adults 13 & Up9.60 each
Children 5-12$6.00 each
Children 4 & UnderFREE
Seniors 65 and Up$6.40 each

Call 570-437-3442 to schedule your groups visit to the maze.


Corn maze wristbands are good only on the day of issue and must be installed by our staff. The Giant Game area is accessible with a corn maze wristband only. Please confirm you have all wristbands and tickets prior to leaving the register area. Entrance to the maze area will end 1 hour prior to closing time. Flashlights are required after 1 hour before sunset. Cell phones are not an acceptable form of flashlight. We will allow up to 3 people use 1 light. All events are “at your own risk” and Kohl’s Stony Hill Tree Farm will not be responsible for injuries.

Hayride, Corn Cannon, & Pumpkin Chunkin tickets may be used anytime. Each person must hand the operator a ticket.
Hayrides depart from in front of the barn at the driver’s discursion, we try to announce over the PA but will have no set times. Hayrides will not run if the roads are wet or radar indicates rain is coming.